Cat Cartoons!

I've only made the cover! I'll think of a story, I bet this will be a 15 page book!.... And I'll try to animate it! :-) So here is the cover.. maybe I'll do the 1st page tomorrow. :-)

Sorry, It's not kinda nice... but, I'm sure my little sister would help me! She's great at doing artworks.. :-)

Meet My Cats! :-)

All of this shots came from my phone, this are just the kitties... :-)

 Wondering why I posted my cats' picure? I really don't know why! HAHA. :) Soon ill try to make cat cartoons! :-)
I made this gif. =)


Blackie again.

Gideon Sundback celebrated in a Google doodle!

Latest doodle is a giant zipper running down the search engine's homepage marking the birthday of the zip's inventor..

Google doodle zipper

Have you tried opening the zipper? :-) I tried. try it! It's fun! Okay, here I start. (Ehem, Ehem.) The inventor of the lovely zippers is Gideon Sundback (tada,tada) (people amazed) LOL! Now, I got this from Wikipidea (they(the people) say that Wikipidea is not a trusted website) But, I'll go for it,
Zipper slider brings together the two sides!
look at this animated zipper! So nice!  "The popular 'zipper' name came from the B. F. Goodrich Company, when they decided to use Gideon's fastener on a new type of rubber boots or galoshes and renamed the device the zipper, the name that lasted. Boots and tobacco pouches with a zippered closure were the two chief uses of the zipper during its early years. It took twenty more years to convince the fashion industry to seriously promote the novel closure on garments." -

See! I didn't got the right    information at Wikipidea.!! Okay, Now, You were thinking " Why is the blogger writing this? this is a "Animal Lover" blog.???" Were you? :P L(O)(O)K at this cute pencil cases,pouches and many more. :-) All came from Google. ;)

Well, That's all I got from Mr. Google. ;)


Trivia Time: Why Do Dogs Wag THeir Tail?

Dogs use thier tail to tell you how they feel. A dog wags its tail when it is happy, just like you might clap hands to show you are pleased. Dogs use their tails to show other feelings too. A straight tail may mean that dog is angry or alert. A tailcurled between a dog's back legs means that it is afraid.

Our Dog Rover. :D

Jyoti (Tita Bames' Pet. )

A dog wags its tail when it is happy.

(via Google)

And to show you that it knows you are its master, it will roll on its back like this.

(via Google)
(via Google)

When ity it is verry angry its tail will stick straight out behind it.

(via Google)

If it's suspicious or watchful or a bit angry, its tail stands up.

Funny Pet faces !


This Is How A Household Cat Should Be!

This one is a cute and funny post! :-)))

Cat!!! Hang the clothes!!
 Cat!!! Clean the living room!
Cat!! Make the bed!!!
Cat!!! Make me tea!!!!

Cat!!!! Clean the bathroom!!


Funny Cats and Dogs Pictures!

I hope you enjoyed "laughing out loud" with me! :-)))